Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lucy Kate Update XVI

Lucy has been back in the PICU for six days now recovering from acute pulmonary edema after nearly having a code blue called in the Heart Center. Most of the fluid in her lungs is now gone and the pleural effusions around her lungs are dissipating as well. She has shown much improvement over the past several days and her daily chest X-rays continue to look better.

Lucy's flow of oxygen has been decreased and she will soon be back to just a nasal cannula. We hope as she continues to recover, that she will not require oxygen when we are discharged from the hospital, but time will tell. She had been receiving her nutrients intravenously, but she's back on a continuous feeding pump and we are slowly increasing the amount so that her stomach can handle digesting food.

Lucy has been playing more, feeling better and making major progress now that staff intensivist doctors are back in control over her care and she will most likely remain in the ICU until we are discharged to go home.


Tara said...

Oh good! This little girl has been on my heart all the time. I am so glad to read a positive report! She is such a little trooper. Thank you for updating us!

Lauren B. said...

I am so glad to hear she is doing better. I keep updated from everyone at work, but have not been able to get over and see you guys. There are always too many people already going :) I am thrilled she is on the upward swing.

Sasha said...

Great. Bring on the good news. Thanks for the updates and keeping us posted. I am so glad that she is feeling better. That was quite the scare.