Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lucy Kate Update XI

Lucy still has fluid near her left lung inside the pleural cavity. It's constricting how far her lung can expand to oxygenate her blood and she will continue to receive oxygen through a nasal cannula until it dissipates. She's being given a diuretic to help force the fluid out of her body, but it's obviously not targeting the fluid directly in her lung.

Overall, her recovery is still slowly progressing forward. The echocardiogram of her heart that was taken yesterday showed the tricuspid valve and mitral valve have some regurgitation, so she could be a candidate for valve replacement once she gets older, but it's nothing alarming at this point. The echocardiogram also showed a small Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) still in her heart, but again, nothing alarming yet. We are still waiting to speak with the cardiology surgery team and surgeon about the results.

Lucy has been extremely fussy and crying a lot for the past five days. We recently stopped medication that we believe was causing her increased irritability. She is almost back to her regular feeding amounts and schedule. She's finally keeping milk down and working to get her weight back to where she was before surgery. She'll be a chunk again in no time.

We will be discussing our plan with the doctors today to determine a goal for leaving the hospital. Lucy is growing tired of laying in bed at the hospital and is ready to have more fun at home. I can't blame her, we are too.


Tara said...

Just found your blog. LOVE the pics of your sweet girl! She was born on the same day as our Simeon, also with an extra chromosome. I recognize all the hospital pics from our stay there. Isn't the heart floor AMAZING? Praying that she gets home soon. Maybe we'll see you at the Buddy Walk?

Sasha said...

Praying that the fluid gets out of there. My son had numerous complications from surgery and it was a slow process as well. Hopefully things pic up for you. If she is in pain ask for tylenol or someother meds so she doesn't have to suffer. Hoping that she goes home soon.