Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lucy Kate Update XII

Lucy is back in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). She has a Chylothorax, which resulted from trauma to her lymphatic vessels during surgery. Lymphatic fluid (chyle) has been slowly accumulating inside of her pleural cavity, putting pressure against her lungs and preventing her from oxygenating her blood efficiently.

She now has another chest tube on her left side to quickly drain the fluid away from her lungs. Omitting fat from Lucy's diet will be essential for the chylothorax to eventually stop and the lymphatic vessels to heal themselves. We will remain in ICU for the week to monitor her progress.


Sasha said...

Ugh! Don't you just hate complications. Hang in there. I met several families with Chylothroax after OHS and their little ones did fine. They had to stay longer and be put on a different formula though. Praying that things will get better and stablize and all that fluid gets out of her lungs! Hope you can get some rest:)

Adrienne said...

I second that-ugh!!! It's going to be okay. I know you just want this to be over with so you can take your sweet girl home. My first was born with this and a ton of lasix did the trick as well as the portagen (spell?) Praying for your Lucy!!

I LOVE YOU said...