Friday, June 18, 2010

Tongue Twister

Tongue Twister

Student Driver

Lucy is learning to drive her new Lights and Sounds car. Student driver coming through. Watch your toes!

Student Driver

Look Out

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Peek-a-boo Book

Lucy loves reading and playing with her peek-a-boo books. She has almost every page memorized and knows exactly where to pull to reveal the hidden object. Up next, War and Peace.

Peek-a-boo Book


Twinkle Toes

Giggle Monster

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Indianapolis Zoo

After a morning full of rain and clouds, we decided to go to the zoo and got lucky with beautiful weather in the cool mid-70's. The Indianapolis Zoo has a new Cheetah exhibit, which one particular cheetah was interested in Lucy's bright pink polka dot sweater. Luckily, the zoo staff decided against feeding her to the cheetahs.



Mama & Lu


Daddy & Lu

Cheetah Exhibit

Pink Piggies

Pink Piggies

Lucy recently had her toenails painted and is fascinated by their reflective color. We can assure you that getting a baby's toenails to dry before smudging is more of an art than science. We are certified in the art of distraction.

We know that many of you are concerned, so we'll keep you updated on Lucy's current toenail color status.



Our pink piglet has been doing so much better sitting up by herself and playing with toys without falling over. She is also gaining weight like a sumo wrestler and will probably need a new G-tube to accommodate the size of her round tummy that seems to be getting bigger every night.


What you talkin' bout Daddy?