Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pink Piggies

Pink Piggies

Lucy recently had her toenails painted and is fascinated by their reflective color. We can assure you that getting a baby's toenails to dry before smudging is more of an art than science. We are certified in the art of distraction.

We know that many of you are concerned, so we'll keep you updated on Lucy's current toenail color status.



Sandy said...

Sweet feet Lulu!!!this little piggy went to the market this little......xoxox

Ro Magnolia said...

Oh what sweet little toes! : )

Janet Isserlis said...

you guyz

great photos. i weep [quiet, happy little tear weeping] for joy seeing lucy getting bigger and playing and doing all sort of stuff, including not being eaten up by her animal pals at the zoo.

in cleveland for a couple of days for work. i'm waving at you all.
sending love