Thursday, September 24, 2009

Buddy Walk Apparel

Team apparel is now available at for those who are planning to attend the Buddy Walk, Down Syndrome Indiana’s fundraising and advocacy event. The Buddy Walk is in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday, October 10th, 2009.

Buy your shirts, sweatshirts, buttons and stickers to show your support!

* All merchandise is at cost and there is no profit made from sales.


ashmette said...

Oh my gosh...those shirts are adorable! Even though I won't be here for the walk, I might have to get one to support baby Lucy! I hope you are having a better week. I am sorry I never made it to visit. I got called off Sunday night, and then they needed me to take care of a patient on ICU North. I was so busy both Tues and Wed I was never able to make it down:( But I have definitely been thinking about you guys and little Lucy! Thank you so much for your msgs on FB...I really appreciate the thoughts from both of you! You are two GREAT people and I am very lucky to have met you! I hope you have a good weekend and hopefully I will see you when I'm back next week! Tell Lucy HI for me:)


Tara said...

Those are so cute! Poor Eon will be so ashamed that his parents are such slackers and will have zero team coordination! Ah, well, I guess we'll still have the sign...and there's always next year. Maybe his folks will get their acts together by then. :)