Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lucy Kate Update XIII

Lucy experienced trauma to her lymphatic vessels during her heart surgery and it has created several complications. She was moved back to the intensive care unit over the weekend to have a chest tube put in to drain the chylothorax near her left lung. Her respiratory condition improved over several days after the fluid disappeared and her diet was changed. She didn't have an increase in fluid collecting around the lungs and was eventually moved back to the Heart Center for recovery on Tuesday.

For the past several days, fluid has began to collect again, this time around her other lung. At first, it appeared the change of diet allowed the lymphatic vessels to essentially heal themselves and it was safe to resume with feeding breast milk. We're still unsure if the new fluid around her lung is due to all of this or is now something completely different.

She has continued to require oxygen the entire time to maintain a comfortable saturation level and will most likely require oxygen at home when she is finally released. We will continue to monitor her with with multiple daily X-Rays and increased diuretics. We will remain in the hospital for at least another week until we have a greater understanding what the fluid is and where it is coming from.


Lacey said...

Oh those yucky chylothorax. It happened to Jax actually before his heart repair, they were quite baffled. Hopfully this will go away and not require surgery like Jax did so you can get home.

Sasha said...

Oh so sorry to hear about all of the complications. Stay strong and know that it can all turn out right in the end. Wysdom had numerous complication...and I could barely keep it together after a while. However he went from being very sick with infections and fluid in the lungs to being discharged within a short time. His recovery in the last little bit was quick. Continue to hope that it is possible to have a fast turn around. Praying for you and your family

Janet Isserlis said...

also holding your in my thoughts and prayers

Tara said...

Praying for resolution to all of this (and that it happens quickly like Wysdom's did - I remember that)! Also praying that your little cutie holds her own and that you two get the rest you need.