Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stay Puft Marshmallow Lucy

Lucy has been terrorizing the ICU.

Since she is really puffy from all of the extra fluid in her body, her fingers look just like Marshmallow Puft's legs. So cute.


ashmette said...

Hey guys! It's Nurse Ashley here...just checking in. This picture makes me're right, her little fingers look just like that! Hopefully it will get back to normal soon. I hope Lucy has a great rest of the week! She is so lucky to have such great parents! See you on Sunday!

Lauren Broaddus said...

Hi Josh and Sarah, I hope you guys are getting some sleep...easier said then done :) I have been thinking so much about you and your little Lucy! I started back to work Sat. and Sun. and heard she was having surgery on Monday. I have been following the blog and twitter page throughout the past few days. That picture is so cute with the title "Stay Puft Marshmallow Lucy!" Conner and Ellie have gotten quite a kick out of all the videos of Lucy and recent pictures. They are smitten with her for sure! You two are amazing and all our thoughts and prayers and headed your direction. Keep the positive thoughts coming and we will for sure send all of ours your way. Take care!

Sherry Blanco said...

That is the most hysterical picture! Our kids can always find the brightest spot in our souls!