Friday, August 21, 2009

Lucy Kate Update II

Lucy's blood pressure and heart rate have been more stable overnight. The doctors are continuing to find a balance between nitric oxide, oxygen levels and new medication. Lucy is receiving Fentanyl for pain and also Versed for sedation. She had been wiggling and trying to breath on her own, which suggested she wasn't sedated enough and was actually 'awake' under her sedated state. The worst part as a father is not knowing if she is feeling pain, because she can't cry out. Overall, doing very well this morning. The doctors will make their rounds to discuss their plans for today. Hope to have good news of further plans to extubate her soon and get her out of sedation within the next several days.

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A Sweet Day in the Life of J said...

Thanks for the continued updates - everyone's thinking of Lucy. We saw Todd last night, and he was asking all about her. You, Sarah and Lucy are in all our prayers.