Thursday, August 20, 2009

Madeline Moussette

Madeline MousetteLucy resting in Riley PICU and holding her rattle, Madeline.


Anonymous said...

Riley, as in Indianapolis. Oh my goodness, I didn't see this before. My name is Rebecca Phong and I work for Down Syndrome Indiana. I am not sure if you have talked to any of my co-workers or not, but we have an amazing parent packet we can get to you if you haven't already received one.

We also love to lend an ear if you need to chat just to have someone to talk to while you still in the NICU.

Our website is:

317-925-7617, Rachel Wood is our outreach coordinator, she's amazing. Please give us a call if you have questions, or needs, or whatever. We are here for you.

p.s. what an amazing photo of your sweet Lucy.

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

I found your blog through Rebecca at DSI (Down Syndrome Indiana). I have "caught up" with all you have been going through since you took 5 pregnancy tests on August 7th.

We live in Fishers and have a little girl, Whitney, who was born August 25th (almost one year ago). She also has Down syndrome and had her open-heart surgery on Dec. 1st with Dr. John Brown at Riley! Isn't it a miracle to be able to fix such a tiny little heart? Just like Lucy, Whitney had an ng tube until about 6-8 weeks after her open-heart surgery. Dr. Brown told us we would really notice a change about 6-8 weeks after surgery and it was just about at the 8 week mark that she started taking a little bit more from the bottle (we would try every time before feeding her through the ng to give her a bottle)... it was like she suddenly had the strength and was able to take a bottle! (just wanted to share that, because I am sure the same will be true for little Lucy!)
I will say some prayers for you guys and for little Lucy - she is beautiful and you guys have done an amazing job with her!!!

Our blog (which has not been updated since July due to major computer issues) is:

I will keep checking in on your blog and hope to see great progress from little miss Lucy!!!


Laura Byron
(Anne and Whitney's mom)