Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lucy Mouse

I'm going to Disney World!"I better get to go to Disney World after all of this."


ds.mama said...

Lol... Mickey and Minnie came to visit us when we were doing time in PICU but we never did get to Disney... not yet anyway. She looks awful cute in that hat.

Looking forward to updates.

wekwert94 said...
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wekwert94 said...

Sweet, baby Lucy, our family is praying for you...for comfort and strength and a quick recovery! You are so beautiful and your parents are so blessed to get to be your Mommy and Daddy! We only know you from the internet but can tell your family is amazing!!!

(((Big Hugs)))
Love, The Wekwert Family

kpruden4 said...

I do believe the Stay Puft Marshmallow girl has been "gobbled up" (by her mommy, I am sure :) )!! She looks GREAT!!!! Stay strong!! Heart hugs to Minnie Lu!! Love, KP