Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Speak Up for SAY

Mattel Toy Company is suing Super Duper Publications, makers of products for children with special needs, for their use of the words "SAY" and "AND SAY" in seven registered trademark product titles. Super Duper Publications have been making speech and language therapy products for children with autism and other disorders for over 20 years.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered Super Duper to pay $1 million of its profits and $2.6 million in attorney's fees to Mattel, a $5.4 billion a year company, to remove SAY and AND SAY from seven product titles, and destroy $500,000 of special needs products because they have the words SAY and AND SAY on them.

Why would Mattel do this? Because in 2004, Mattel decided people were likely to become confused between Super Duper's SAY therapy materials and a toy Mattel made in 1963 called SEE 'N SAY.

Large business trademark abuse like this must stop. Please help change this situation by contacting Mattel and speaking your voice to have the courts vacate the judgment against Super Duper. Also, we will no longer be purchasing any Mattel toys in light of this poor decision. Do your part and speak up for SAY!


Visit the Super Duper website at: superduperinc.com

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