Friday, February 19, 2010

Back Home

We're finally back home. Lucy's morning labwork came back normal, so they discharged her from the hospital. She feels a lot better today and the site around her GJ feeding tube is much less swollen and red, and we can touch it without her yelping out in pain.

Lucy missed all of her dolls and playing in her ExerSaucer. She's yelling at Baby Einstein on the television right now, so she's back to the usual.


Sandy said...

Great news!!Lu Lu you can yell and play and do whatever you want..your in full command!Your so tough! Miss you..XOXO

Sasha said...

Glad you are all home. Just catching up now and it sounds like it was quite the ordeal. Glad she is feeling and doing better now.

alindow said...

Glad to see that Lucy is home and doing better.

Stacey Robinsmith said...

Six months ago I had no idea what an Exersaucer was. Now we have twin baby girls in our living-room jumping up and down in their Exersaucers. So glad your sweetheart is home again jumping in her Exersaucer.

Keith said...

Who *wouldn't* yell at Baby Einstein?

Janet Isserlis said...