Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Great Silly Houdini

Once again, Lucy has fooled us. The first night in the intensive care unit was pretty scary though. Our goal for the night was for Lucy to not be ventilated. She was requiring a large amount of oxygen to keep her saturation at a safe level. She was obstructing her airway in her sleep and that was causing an increased oxygen at night. By the next few days, she started to turn around and we were able to decrease her oxygen. We are now out of the ICU and in the Heart Center at Riley where accommodations are little more cozy.

Lucy has also been choking and retching more and now she is bringing up green bile. We have to wait until Monday for radiology to see if her J-tube is causing the problem. It hasn't been a very enjoyable experience for her.

Lucy also found her voice and is much more vocal now. She's learning to make sounds and loves to talk to her baby dolls and the toys she holds in her hand.

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Sasha said...

oh poor thing. Hopefully they can fix the gj tube so she is not vomitting and gagging. Yucky,I am sure she is not having fun with that. Sending prayers.