Monday, November 23, 2009

Feeling Better

Lucy is out of the intensive care unit and in the Heart Center again, which has become our second home. She seems to be feeling better and as always, turned herself around without much intervention from doctors. Although she did require A LOT of oxygen support at first, it could have been a virus or possibly a reaction to her H1N1 vaccination, with swelling or narrowing of her trachea. We certainly will not be giving her the H1N1 booster shot.

Pulmonology would like to do a full 8-hour sleep study once she has fully recovered from her recent illness, to determine if she has sleep apnea and how much she actually obstructs her airway while sleeping at night. Unfortunately, Lucy's prolonged recovery hasn't allowed her to be home much to play and work on her neck control. Overall, she isn't as strong as she was prior to surgery. We hope to get home and stay there for longer than two weeks to really work strengthening her muscles and getting her orally interested again.

Lucy is still learning how to use her recently found voice, which is really cute, because she sometimes sounds like she's about to cry when she's just still learning. Pretty soon, she'll be babbling non-stop and we can't wait.


Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

so happy lucy is doing so much better and that you are out of icu!!! i hope the sleep study goes well and they are able to determine with certainty if she has sleep apnea or not - if she does, it is great that you will be able to hopefully do something to fix it so soon. she is just adorable! i love the cute pics and am happy she has found her voice :)

Cara said...

Sarah, Josh & Lucy, Miss Cara thinks of you each day we walk the doggie by your house. I had planned earlier to offer you an OT appointment on the 23rd (today) until Lu's latest escapade. I'm saving you a spot on November 30, but if you're not yet home or ready, just let me know when. I will be giving thanks this Thanksgiving weekend for my new beautiful friend, Lucy. NEXT year turkey & gravy for you!!

Sasha said...

Good to hear that Lucy is doing better. Poor little one can't seem to get a break. Hoping she get's home soon. Don't worry, she will have time to catch up on all the pt/ot. Wysdom has has several hospital stays and yes he is behind in where he should be but he is working on all the time he's missed and is still catching up and I am sure Lucy will to. Sending hugs and prayers.

Janet Isserlis said...

yay. big love. much gratitude