Friday, October 9, 2009

Good To Be Home

It's been a week now since we were discharged from the hospital and Lucy is much happier now that we can roll around and play on the floor. Carpet is such a luxury! Lucy has had a doctor appointment every day this week, so she's been very busy keeping up appearances.

Lucy is still on oxygen to help keep her "reserve". She doesn't require oxygen to breathe, but it will help her pulmonary hypertension and overall full recovery. She's also still on a continuous feeding pump until her stomach can tolerate full individual feedings again.

Lucy has recently taken a liking to her hand. As soon as she catches sight of this thing that is attached to her body, she's in complete awe. Probably staring at the unattractive manicure that Daddy gave her.

It's just so great to be home again and getting back to the way things were.


ch said...

They threatened us with a Viagra Rx when LC was slow to bounce back in the oxygen department following surgery. Any talk of a Rx to help with the hypertension?

So happy to hear you're enjoying some snuggly time at home. LC loves her fingers, too...especially from the back. We call them her guys and they have regular private meetings that none of us are invited to.

Big hugs to Lucy Goose...

Sasha said...

So glad that you are at home and getting back to regular stuff. Glad to hear Lucy is playing with her hands. Wysdom love his hands to. Now that you are home I'll bet she will show you lots of new things. Wow that's a lot of will slow down.