Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is in the air

Fifty one days into our hospital stay and our little Lucy has graduated to a big girl bed and is just big enough to start wearing clothes. At this point everything is baggy but adorable none the less. She is now 3 lbs and 7 oz. What a big girl! Her mommy and daddy are so proud of her for all the big girl things she is doing now. She's growing like a weed. We are just so crazy about our little girl and can't to be able to show her off to all our family and friends.


Kate said...

I am so happy to see little Lucy doing so well! And I can't believe she's wearing little outfits already! I am thrilled with her progress this month. She is getting so big and strong! Love you guys... xoxox

Jessica said...

Congrats Josh and Sarah! After all the beautiful hats, I can only imagine how adorable her little outfits will be :)

Mandy Taulman said...

Go little Lucy! It sounds like she is making wonderful progress! What a blessing! She looks so cozy in her big girl bed! I'm so happy for you guys! You make an adorable little family!