Saturday, March 7, 2009

Little Miss Muffet

... sat on her cute little butt and sucked on her pacifier.



I saw your pictures on Nicole's photography blog ... they were so adorable!

Ryann said...

Hi Sarah, it's me, Ryann... Addyson Wroblewski's mommy. You helped nurse Addy in the summer of 2007. Nicole did our photos too and of course I saw you on her blog. I did a quick search to find this blog, hope that's ok. I just wanted to say that Lucy is definately the most loved little girl ever. She's got the sweetest looks. Congrats on her birth and she couldn't have asked for a better mommy. I understand these times are trying for you all, but the positive outlook you portray is uplifting. Perhaps Addy and Lucy can do some play dates when Lucy is ready (I'm just now ready for Addy to do play dates and she'll be 2 in April!)