Thursday, June 23, 2011

Healthy Heart Club, Update 5

Not many changes today. We started G-tube feedings which she has been tolerating just fine. Trust me, you don't want this girl to go too long without any food in her belly, because if she's anything like her mother (she is), she gets mean as a snake when she's hungry (I'm a dead man).

The main thing today obviously was letting Lucy rest. She slept for 5 hours straight without moving an inch this afternoon. Followed by 3 hours of pure wiggling. It's 10PM now and she's once again fast asleep.

Speaking with the doctors, tomorrow we hope to start taking away some of the toobies that plague our sleeping beauty. On her right hand she has an IV and arterial line, which is boarded and wrapped up. This is referred to as her "clubbing hand", as it works best as a bat. The other hand is covered with a sock secured down with a velcro restraint; child's play for our little Houdini.

She has been doing well on 1 liter of oxygen all day long, which is where she was before surgery. The million dollar question is, will she still require oxygen after she has healed? Time will soon tell.


Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

so so so happy to read that lucy's surgery went well - sorry she rubbed her nose raw with a sock on her hand because of the fentanyl (sp?) i hope and pray that she will be able to continue to do well on decreased and hopefully very soon NO additional oxygen (other than what she breathes through her nose and mouth on her own). thinking of you guys tons!!!!!
~mike, laura, anne & whitney~

ch said...

can't thank you enough for the regular updates. i'm sure you'd much rather pass out in exhausted slumber. cheering her on and SO STOKED about her continual O2 progress. crossing my fingers that a few hours of uninterrupted sleep are in the near future for everyone in the hopkins trio.

Cammie Heflin said...

Precious girl, so glad she is doing well!

Cole said...

Stay strong lil wiggler!

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Still praying for Lucy! What a champ she is :) Praying for high O2 numbers for your little firecracker!

Katie said...

Glad to hear she is on her way to recovery. :-)