Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sanibel Vacation

We visited Sanibel Island in Florida for a much needed getaway vacation. It has been three years since our last vacation before Lucy was born and we have never taken a family vacation together before. Lucy has never rode in the car for longer than two hours, so we didn't know how well she would do on a 17-hour car ride. It was definitely a journey for everyone. Surprisingly, Lucy did very well and absolutely loved the beach and water. We had no idea she was such a water baby.

We enjoyed 9 long days with beautiful sunny, 90-degree weather. We had daily bike rides and visited the pool every day. It was definitely just like paradise and we didn't want to leave.

The trip was extremely liberating. If we can travel 1,200 miles by car with a toddler on oxygen, there's nothing we can't do and we're already looking forward to returning next year.


Pool Pals

Relaxing under the Sun Smarties beach cabana tent.

Beach Babe
Enjoying the beach!

Beach Sunset
"I don't want my toes to get wet!"



Water Logged Sausages
Water Logged Sausages

Ready to Go
Ready to go for the daily bike ride.

"Not quite sure what we think about this."


sandrakayhopkins@gmail.com said...

Just amazing photo's !! Everyone of them!!!So glad you guys had a fantastic vacation.Love to all.

Janet Isserlis said...

these are great! glad you could go, are back safely. the world is your oyster. yay. xo

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

LOVE the pictures from sanibel!!! looks like a wonderful vacation (and well deserved too!!!) :)
in high school my best friend mallory's family went to sanibel every year on spring break and i went with them... i am pretty sure the condo place we stayed was called the sand dollar (it was about 5 or 6 places down from the sundial)
we have moved and are looking forward to a playdate hopefully soon!!!

Heidi Ehle said...

I was referred here, so to speak, by Karen Pruden, who helped take wonderful care of our daughter, Lydia, while she was a resident of the SCN @ IU. We are facing surgery too.. in about 48 days, the first and I hope the last. I'm so sorry that your little precious girl is going through so much.....Just wanted to touch base with you and "introduce" myself! Best of luck. Heidi Ehle

ps we have a blog too @ myliddybug.blogspot.com