Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sanibel Island

Which way to the beach?
Lookout fellas! I'm at the beach!

This is Lucy's first trip ever and our first vacation in three years after Lucy was born. Traveling with oxygen is difficult and it took months of planning. The drive took two days and many hours.

The family has a house on Sanibel and so the tradition for Lucy begins, vacationing every year at Sanibel, the home away from home.


A Sweet Day in the Life of J said...

Congrats guys! I hope you have a fantastic time and everything goes smoothly! Enjoy the sun and take lots of pictures :)

EN said...

We used to live in Fort Myers/Naples! Wear your sunscreen, Lucy and make sure you bring back lots of those famous Sanibel sea shells. Oh - and you must have a piece of red velvet cake from The Bubble Room - do it for me!