Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Farm Friends

Lucy loves playing in her recently completed playroom. We converted the fourth spare bedroom into a space that everyone can enjoy, because who really wants to play in an exercise room? All of Lucy's toys are stored in shelf bins, which teaches her to pick up when she's finishing playing. We were lucky enough to have a nice television donated by Grandpa & Nana, which makes watching Elmo even more fun.

Farm Friends

"Time to feed the hogs and chickens. What are you looking at, goat?"


Lamb Chops
Lamb Chops, anyone?


ch said...

Jace got the exact same barn for Christmas. He likes to hurl it across the room and rip the silo off like a demon.

He thinks he might be more interested in it if he had a pretty redhead to play with him. He wants me to invite Lu over for a roll in the Fisher Price hay.

Abby Spice said...

The fourth spare bedroom? Well, my parents said I can't move back in with them after college, so I guess I know where I'm going.

Ellen said...

Hi--I came across your blog by accident, but have to tell you (like you don't already know) that Lucy is a darling! What a beautiful little girl, and what a lucky family.

--from Julian and Nathan's mom

Janet Isserlis said...

great photos, you guys. and jeepers, just realized that I missed Lucy's birthday. big love to you all