Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tina the Tooth

Lucy has officially gotten her first tooth. It has been formally named Tina, which only seems like the logical thing to do. She has been diligently growing her bottom front incisor for the past several months and it finally broke free. Naming teeth is an art form similar to naming hurricanes, mostly for the amount of havoc they cause. And I can assure you that Tammy and Tedward are both well on their way to a path of destruction. Teething rings beware. Heed this warning and remain safely hidden in Lucy's toy chest.

Lucy also has been sick from her first official cold, but is feeling much better now. She did very well not to get sick last year, while living in the hospital for nearly 6 months. Lucy is looking forward to Spring, when she can be sniffle-free and outside in warmer weather.


Janet Isserlis said...

yay Lucy. something about biting humour comes to mind. I'm able to apologize and yet not prevent myself that bad bad pun.
hoping the cold goes away fast fast fast and that, when the moment comes, the tina fairy will be unstinting in his/her generosity.


Jenna said...

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